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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is high mucosity and large molecular amylose firstly separated from vitreous body of cow eyes by Mayer and Palmer. It is macromolecule polymer that constructed by GlcA and Glc-NAC. It is no smell, dissolvable in the water but indissoluble in the organic solvent. Hyaluronic Acid widely exists in tissues of human beings and animals.
Hyaluronic Acid plays important roles in the organism, such as lubricating arthrosis, adjusting diffusion and movement of protein, water and electrolyte, and accelerating concrescence of wound. In addition, Hyaluronic Acid has special function of holding water. The macromolecule Hyaluronic Acid can hold water up to 6 ml/g, which makes it an ideal natural moisture factor (NMF). In this regard, Hyaluronic Acid can improve the metabolism of skin making skin soft, tender, smooth and stretch. Cosmetic containing Hyaluronic Acid is regarded as biology imitating cosmetic and it is very popular around the world.

A present, there are two ways to produce Hyaluronic Acid. One is distillation from animal tissues and the other is bacteria fermentation.
For long time, the Hyaluronic Acid was mainly obtained by distillation of animal tissue such as cow eyes, cockscomb. However this method has many unconquerable defects. Firstly, the source of material is limited and Hyaluronic Acid content is low. Secondly, the Hyaluronic Acid in animal tissue usually combines with albumen amylose, which increased the cost of distilling and refining. Finally, Hyaluronic Acid from animal tissues is possibly contaminated. Therefore the distillation method is restricted.
To satisfy the increasing market demand of Hyaluronic Acid, zymotechnics method is developed.
Advantages of zymotechnics method include: abundant source of raw material, low cost, simplified process, and easy scaling up etc.

1) Holding water
Environment relative humidity has little affect on HA function. Different from other moisture agent such as glycerin, glyceric acid or polyglycol, HA absorbs greatest moisture at low relative humidity (33%) but lowest moisture at high relative humidity (75%), which is perfect for satisfying the skincare demand in various season and various humidity.
2) Skin nutrition
HA is inherent part of skin. Small molecular HA can penetrate into epidermis to advance nutrition supply and waste egests, which prevent skin aging and keep beauty.
3) Prevent and recover skin damage
HA can advance epidermis cell proliferation and differentiation as well as advancing injured skin regeneration.
4) Lubricate and form a membrane on the surface of skin to prevent hurt.

Arthropathy curing
1) Albumen polysaccharid is evidently increased when HA is injected into the pathological arthrosis.
2) Relax arthrosis ache.
3) Resist rankle.

Eye operation
1) Provide base of viscosity reagent in eye operation.
2) Cure the conjunctiva xerosis.
3) Provide medium for the preparation of eye medicine. HA attenuant is similar to the tear regarding to viscosity and retractility

Prevent postoperative conglutination and rehabilitate parenchyma.

l PH (1% solution): 6.0-7.5
l Appearance: white power or granule
l Glucuronic acid: Min. 40%
l Molecular weight: Min. 1.2*10**6
l Protein: Less 0.1%
l Loss on drying: Less than 10%
l Transparency @ 420 um: Max.0.5%
l Nitrogen: 3.0-3.6%
l Loss on drying: Less than 10.0%
l Heavy metal: Less 2 ppm
l Arsenic: Less than 2 ppm
l Bacterial content: Less 100 CFU per gram

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