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Product Information
Neutral Yeast Lactase

Appearance: Yellow or light brown powder
Enzyme activity: ≥3,000 u/g
Moisture: ≤8%
Enzyme activity save ratio: ≥85%
Pb: ≤1.0mg/Kg
As: ≤0.5mg/Kg
Coliform: ≤40 MPN/100g:
Salmonella: Not detected


Heat stability (pH @6.6-7.0): The enzyme is thermostable below 40 degree C where 90% activity is remained within 2 hours. It is not stable over 45 degree C and no activity remained over 50 degree C.

PH stability: The enzyme is stable within pH 6.2-8.6.

Optimum temperature: 39 degree C

Optimum pH: 6.8

Sensibility to metal iron: Activated by Mn2+, Mg2+, inhibited by Ca2+, Zn2+, Cu2+, Fe2+

Packing: complex film inner packing and carton outside

Storage: cool and vacuum is favorable for storage in order to maintain maximum activity.

Shelf life: 12 months under cool and vacuum storage condition.

Application suggestion:
Cool the milk to 38-40 degree C after sterilization and add yeast lactase according to the ratio of 500 gram enzyme per MT milk. Then stir the milk for 2.5-4 hours under heat insulation. Finally re-sterilize the milk and packing.

The yeast lactase can also be used to hydrolyze Lactose under 6-12 degree C.

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